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Punjab National Bank’s Loan Wilful Defaulter List Stands At Rs 14,600

When Punjab National Bank (PNB) is managing departing suddenly credit defaulter Nirav Modi, it additionally needs to manage a rundown of about Rs 14,594 crore worth of wilful defaulters on its books.The list has an aggregate number of 1,085 wilful defaulters with over Rs 25 lakh advances as on January end 2018. This is more than 17 percent expansion since a year back period.

Of the rundown, almost 15 of the defaulting firms are from the pearls and adornments section adding up to Rs 2,120 crore worth of advances, according to information on the bank’s site.

Punjab National Bank’s Loan Wilful Defaulter List Stands At Rs 14,600

A few organizations, for example, Winsome and M/S Jeweline as of now have the investigative offices like the Central Bureau of Investigation following them since as long as 2012.

For the time being, PNB would be more stressed over the huge extortion adding up to about Rs 11,400 crore (USD 1,771.69 million) including tycoon diamond setter Nirav Modi who has now fled out of the nation leaving financiers, investigative offices and the media pursuing him at the rate of the bunches.

A week ago, PNB CEO and MD Sunil Mehta said that the bank would make all the lawful move to convey the culprits to the book and that it will likewise respect all its bonafide responsibilities, which may require paying back credits to other Indian Banks which have allowed advances to Nirav Modi against the deceitful Letter of Undertakings (LoUs) issued by PNB.


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