Dybbuk Movie Review

Emraan Hashmi-starrer Dybbuk, that released on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, is yet another horror story headlined by the actor. The movie revolves around a couple—Sam (Emraan) and Mahi (Nikita Dutta)—who move from Mumbai to Mauritius. Their happy story takes an unexpected turn after Nikita buys an old chest from an antique shop.

The mysterious box which she buys as a decor for their new house turns out to be haunted by a Dybbuk, a malevolent spirit of Abraham Ezra, a Jewish man. At first the Dybbuk haunts Mahi, but there is much more, including a climactic twist, in store for the viewer. Like most horror films, this one takes the viewer through the backstory of the spirit—through the life of Ezra.

The first half of the movie moves slowly, while the second half picks pace and throws surprises at you. This 1 hour 52 min flick has no songs but the background score sets the mood well. With their performances, Emraan and Nikita have sustained the aura of fear. Manav Kaul who plays a Jewish religious leader also delivers a decent performance. Despite limited screen time, actors like Imaaduddin Shah, Denzil Smith, Anil George, Bijay Anand and Gaurav Sharma have done commendable work.

Dybbuk Movie Review & First day Box Office Collection 

Dybbuk Movie Review & First day Box Office Collection

Though it’s a refreshing watch, Dybbuk can come as a disappointment for someone who has already watched Malayalam film Ezra (Dybbuk is the remake of Ezra). Director Jay Krishnan, who had also directed the Malayalam original starring Prithviraj Sukumaran, has not managed to bring in anything new—Krishnan has merely changed the actors and the location from Kochi to Mauritius.

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Dybbuk First day Box office Collection

This film has been written and directed by Jay K, who has also helmed the original Ezra movie. It have been backed by Bhushan Kumar, Krishan
Dybbuk movie budget hasn’t been revealed by the makers but it could reportedly be in a range of 10 to 12 crores maximum.

Altogether, Dybbuk is a scary film that hits on the right note in terms of horror genre. It is a well made horror flicks that works in many ways.

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