The Yu Yureka is an enormous venture by Micromax in making new brand picture for itself. It is a decent gadget at the cost label that it accompanies. The bargains that you make are worth the trouble and the organization ought to just run up from here with future gadgets.

Attempting to change one’s image picture isn’t a simple errand, yet homegrown cell phone producer Micromax has been attempting to do only that for some time now. The new brand, Yu, possessed by Micromax is an exertion at simply that. The Yu Yureka being the first telephone from this stable had a considerable measure riding on it, particularly after all the contention around Oneplus and Cyanogen. Micromax pushed the privilege catches however, with a low sticker and alluring specs, yet that has pretty much turned into a standard practice in the cell phone advertise now. Along these lines, does the Yu Yureka match up to its rival?

Construct and Design
As phablets go, the 5.5 inch presentation makes this as large a gadget as the Xiaomi Redmi Note, which is likewise its boss rival in the business. The Yureka however feels a great deal more premium than the Redmi Note. The Moonstone once again on the cell phone is basically a reasonable reproduction of the Sandstone that you discover on the Oneplus One, yet’s regardless it better than the lustrous plastic on the Redmi Note.

That said, the Yureka likewise has a plastic body, yet the organization has done well to not make it feel like a shoddy form. It’s sturdily manufactured keeping in mind I can’t say that it is an attractive gadget, I won’t call it monstrous either. The Yu Yureka fits its sticker in the manufacture and outline office. The way that it has a removable battery provides for it a couple of additional focuses, however its nothing strange that you may have anticipated.

Examinations with the Oneplus One wouldn’t precisely be reasonable, considering that the Yureka’s valuing makes the One appear like a top of the line cell phone. The Yu Yureka is a really well assembled cell phone with palatable looks. It’s not a looker like the Asus Zenfone 5, however it does well to get rid of the shabby plastic feel of the Redmi Note. Likewise, the Yureka is light for its size, which is a point’s to support it.

We’ve come to understand that 720p showcases don’t look great when utilized with phablets. The Yu experiences the same insufficiency as the Note. The presentation needs sharpness and the determination is simply not adequate for this size. The survey plot are not awful however, with next to zero color move even from wide points.

To the more critical things now, the Yureka is one of the few gadgets to be running on Qualcomm’s new era 64-bit Socs at this time. The octa-center Snapdragon 615 in this is timed at 1.5 Ghz and deals with your routine exercises well. High finishes amusements like Asphalt 8 and Injustice: Gods Among Us, don’t give the processor much inconvenience.

That said, the gadget is tormented by a percentage of the same issues that the Oneplus One was. The CM 11 ROM isn’t the stablest accessible and there were some irregular application crashes on the gadget. The good thing however is that it has 2 GB of RAM, which is all that anyone could need for anything that you may need to utilize your cell phone for.

The telephone likewise provides for you stellar numbers on benchmarks and this present reality execution isn’t far from it. There were a few slacks, after broadened times of gaming, however in customary utilization, it got by really smooth.

Cyanogenmod 11
All through this audit I continued asking myself how the CM 11 ROM on this telephone was any not quite the same as Cyanogenmod 11s on the Oneplus One. I’ve arrived at the conclusion that it isn’t. There’s no critical distinction between the two working frameworks, aside from in the topics that have been utilized. We are as yet chipping away at the two gadgets side by side, however there’s nothing that pops out as altogether distinctive. I figure eliteness didn’t mean new for this situation.

While everything about the Yureka has been attractive till now, the 13 MP cam is one thing I truly loved. A month ago, I had said the Redmi Note’s cam is unquestionably the best in the beneath sub-10k portion, however I may need to try to backpedal now. The back cam on this gadget has great white adjust and shade propagation. While it isn’t the best in the business, it effortlessly gives the Redmi Note a run for its cash.

That said, pictures taken by the Yureka were frequently a bit undersaturated. This could be an aftereffect of the calculations utilized by Cyanogenmod, since the same was seen on the Oneplus One. Pictures were much more regrettable in the One however and the Yu doesn’t undersaturate them that much. Of the three gadgets (Yureka, Redmi Note and Oneplus One), the Yureka might effectively have the best cam.

The 2500 mah battery on the Yureka appeared to be excessively little on paper, however Micromax demanded that the Cyanogenmod OS draws all the more out of the battery. All things considered, I consent to that. Under my consistent use, which incorporates a great deal of gaming and other battery instensive errands, I couldn’t get the gadget to last a full day. Anyhow under more toned down utilization, with occassional web skimming and some gaming, the Yureka got me through a full day. While this isn’t terrible, phablets ought to have a bigger battery life. The Xiaomi Redmi Note 4g offers the same battery life, while th 3g variant of that gadget is more awful. Along these lines, while the Yureka matches up to its rival, the gadget ought to still have better battery life, particularly since there’s sufficient space for a greater battery.

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