Big  Challenge Of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s In 2019

Big Challenge Of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s In 2019

For this year, Zuckerberg primarily wants to focus on the debate on the role of technology in society and in turn be a better engineer. Here is the full text of Zuckerberg’s New Year Resolution for 2019.

1.Zuckerberg has come under fire, and there have been calls for his resignation from the post of CEO at Facebook.
2.The New Year Resolution from Zuckerberg is not something new as every year he sets a challenge for himself.
3.This year, he wants to focus on the debate on the role of technology in society and in turn be a better engineer.

Facebook is going through a rough patch. It has been accused of being an instrument that people with malicious intent have used to break democracy, and in a way society. Mark Zuckerberg has come under fire, and there have been calls for his resignation from the post of CEO at Facebook. So as he moves into 2019, he is setting up a challenge for himself: talk more about the future of technology and society, and learn more about how he as an engineer, who is only used to building new things, can also be an engineer who understands impact of what he is building.

The New Year Resolution from Zuckerberg is not something new. Every year he sets a challenge for himself. One year he decided that his new year challenge was to eat the meat that he has himself killed. Then another year, he challenged himself to learn Mandarin. Another year, he had decided that he would be running 365 miles.

For this year, Zuckerberg primarily wants to focus on the debate on the role of technology in society and in turn be a better engineer. Here is the full text of Zuckerberg’s New Year Resolution for 2019, the way he posted on Facebook.

Every year I take on a personal challenge to learn something new. I’ve built an AI for my home, run 365 miles, visited every US state, read 25 books, and learned Mandarin.
Last year, I focused almost all my time on addressing important issues around elections, speech, privacy, and well-being. Facebook is a different company now than it was a couple of years ago because of a much greater focus on these questions. These issues are complex and we will continue focusing on them for years to come.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s 2019 challenge is to be a better engineer.

ceo mark

There are so many big questions about the world we want to live in and technology’s place in it. Do we want technology to keep giving more people a voice, or will traditional gatekeepers control what ideas can be expressed? Should we decentralize authority through encryption or other means to put more power in people’s hands? In a world where many physical communities are weakening, what role can the internet play in strengthening our social fabric? How do we build an internet that helps people come together to address the world’s biggest problems that require global-scale collaboration? How do we build technology that creates more jobs rather than just building AI to automate things people do? What form will this all take now that the smartphone is mature? And how do we keep up the pace of scientific and technological progress across fields?

My challenge for 2019 is to host a series of public discussions about the future of technology in society — the opportunities, the challenges, the hopes, and the anxieties. Every few weeks I’ll talk with leaders, experts, and people in our community from different fields and I’ll try different formats to keep it interesting. These will all be public, either on my Facebook or Instagram pages or on other media.
This will be intellectually interesting, but there’s a personal challenge for me here too. I’m an engineer, and I used to just build out my ideas and hope they’d mostly speak for themselves. But given the importance of what we do, that doesn’t cut it anymore. So I’m going to put myself out there more than I’ve been comfortable with and engage more in some of these debates about the future, the tradeoffs we face, and where we want to go.
I’m looking forward to another year of learning and personal improvement, and to discussing a lot of important questions with all of you!

Instagram Comes With New Friendly Feature – Nametags

Instagram Comes With New Friendly Feature – Nametags

Instagram today uncovered it’s presenting unofficial IDs, a readable distinguishing mark you can use to discover and pursue individuals you meet in the tissue on Instagram, with no of the problem of looking.

The unofficial ID contains your handle, and additionally a photo. You can redo the foundation with various hues and emoticon, or selfies on the off chance that you so pick. When you filter one, you’re taken specifically to that individual’s Instagram profile. It smacks all around of Snapchat’s Snapcodes, however would anyone say anyone is extremely shocked by that now? This is what mine resembles, as a perspective (yet don’t feel constrained to filter except if you truly need to see pics of my Halloween enrichments):

New Ways to Connect with Friends on Instagram

Instagram apps

The element looks especially like it’s worked to engage Instagram’s center statistic of cool youngsters — you know, the sort who have grown up stalking each other via web-based networking media. Taking a gander at another companion’s painstakingly curated Instagram profile has, for a few, move toward becoming as fundamental a piece of becoming acquainted with one another as the handshake. Informal IDs speeds up the methodology by making it so you don’t really need to recall the other individual’s name or search for photographs cross-presented on their Twitter or Facebook profiles.

It’s by all account not the only new youth-accommodating move from the organization. Close by the unofficial IDs, Instagram is additionally including an element that gives you a chance to list the name of your school, and in addition your degree and graduation year. Doing as such adds you to a gathering which gives you a chance to discover other individuals who are in your year at that school. Instagram is right now testing the element in certain US schools.

I can extremely just observe this being useful to current understudies, to be completely forthright. No offense to my old school associates, yet on the off chance that I haven’t kept you on with semi-customary correspondences, we most likely weren’t close enough to reach that fascinating. In any case, current understudies will have amazingly, one more method for finding and becoming more acquainted with one another.

WhatsApp for Android gets new feature: All you need to know

WhatsApp for Android gets new feature: All you need to know

Facebook-possessed WhatsApp is one of the best dispatcher applications on the planet and in an offer to keep itself at the highest point of the diversion, it generally tries to enhance the client encounter. Presently, it has presented an element that enables the client to download old media content again regardless of whether he/she erased it from their telephone.

Prior, at whatever point the client got records, for example, pictures, GIFs and short clasps, WhatsApp used to store them on its server (for 30 days) till the time they were downloaded by the client. Because of this convention, if the clients erased the media content on their telephone, they couldn’t recover them back until kingdom come.

Presently, WhatsApp has rolled out improvements in its media stockpiling convention. It has chosen to store every one of the messages and sight and sound substance on its server regardless of whether it is downloaded by the client. Rest guaranteed, the server is scrambled so it can’t be gotten to by anyone other than the client.

On the off chance that the client has erased the downloaded media content in the telephone’s stockpiling, he/she can backpedal to the visit discussion on WhatsApp. When it is discovered, simply tap on it to download.

In a related improvement, WhatsApp is trying another component which would enable clients to modify the shape and size of the WhatsApp symbol on the home screen.

WhatsApp for Android gets new feature: All you need to know

WhatsApp beta analyzers utilizing Android gadgets have gotten the new refresh v2.18.74 with the previously mentioned include. With that, clients can pick between default (circle), square, squircle (adjusted square), and tear. Additionally, WhatsApp, which has presented Unified Payment Interface (UPI) benefit for clients to execute cash in India, is likewise trying the Quick Response (QR) code examine include.

The examining alternative is anything but difficult to use as it just expects clients to point the camera at the QR code to start the installment exchange. Once distinguished, WhatsApp will trigger the UPI installment highlight and the client can simply type in the installment sum and finish the exchange.


Facebook Stories will arrive for all Pages soon

Facebook Stories will arrive for all Pages soon

Facebook has uncovered that it will dispatch  Facebook Stories for Pages.The move would check the most recent development of the cloned include, however whether organizations will use it is impossible to say. Facebook Stories works simply like Instagram Stories, itself being a cloned highlight from Snapchat’s unique — and to a great extent fruitful — advertising.

Facebook Stories empower Facebook clients to impart groups of contained substance to their companions; it is available by means of a little air pocket that shows up, and it vanishes by the following day.

  • Stories is a path for individuals to share what they’re up to at that time, yet without jumbling up their companions’ bolsters with huge amounts of pictures as well as recordings they may not be keen on.
  • In spite of the fact that the element has been prominent on Snapchat and Instagram, it hasn’t gotten on in any noteworthy path on Facebook.
  • The organization has discharged numbers about use on the stage, yet any Facebook client can’t resist the urge to see the total absence of individuals utilizing it… on Facebook itself, at any rate.
  • Facebook as of late added a component to Instagram that apparently went for boosting Facebook Stories utilization — the capacity to cross-present an Instagram story on Facebook Stories.
  • Toward the beginning of August, Facebook had likewise uncovered that its Stories item would touch base on the desktop site, however Pages wouldn’t be incorporated into any of this.

Facebook Stories

Facebook has affirmed that Facebook Stories will soon take off to Pages, a procedure that will happen cover ‘coming months,’ however no hard date was given. The distributing alternative will be accessible to all Facebook Pages, and no uncertainty at any rate a few brands will fiddle with distributing content through them. Regardless of whether Facebook Stories will turn into a typical web-based social networking showcasing assignment, however, likely relies upon how clients react to them.



Microsoft Facebook Complete Undersea Cable Link Between U.S., Spain

Microsoft Facebook Complete Undersea Cable Link Between U.S., Spain

Officials from Microsoft, Facebook and Telxius, alongside region lawmakers, accumulated in Williams burg, Va. on Sept. 22 to report that an undersea link called Marea—Spanish for “tide”— had been finished.

The fiber-optic link joins Virginia Beach, Va. what’s more, Bilbao, Spain to transmit information at rates of 160 terabits for each second. As per the organizations, that is 16 million times speedier than the normal family web association and enough transfer speed to stream 71 million recordings in HD at the same time.

Telxius, an auxiliary of Spanish media communications organization Telefónica, is no more abnormal to laying undersea link. The broadcast communications foundation firm had effectively settled associations with its nation of origin from Africa and Australia.

  • The Marea venture is interesting in many regards.
  • While most undersea link running between North America and Europe interface the British Isles to the New York metropolitan territory or Canada, Marea extends 4,000 miles over the Atlantic Ocean along an unequivocally more southerly track.
  • Settled 17,000 feet under the water’s surface, Marea weighs about 10.25 million pounds and was finished recently in front of calendar.
  • Microsoft initially assessed an October 2017 finish date—less time than it ordinarily takes ventures including existing link plans.
  • Marea was first reported in May 2016 and it took under two years to complete, from the plan stage to conclusive development, while standard techniques and innovations require approximately five years.

Microsoft Facebook

The link’s new “open” outline comprises of eight fiber combines and will make it less demanding to redesign and convey network administrations at bring down expenses, as indicated by Microsoft. The Redmond, Wash, programming and cloud administrations supplier likewise sees the new fast connection as an open door that traverses the two sides of the Atlantic.

As the “highest-capacity system in the Atlantic,” Egan said Marea was important to Facebook as it “continues to bring more people on our service, and more and more people are using data-intensive services.” She added that the new cable allows the company to diversify its traffic routes.