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Apple WWDC 2023 Highlights: From iOS 17 to Vision Pro Price, Specs And More

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, started off the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC). On Monday with a focus on hardware, software, and services. However, the 15-inch MacBook Air and the Vision Pro headset are the most important things to take away from the conference. All of Apple’s main systems were updated. So, here is everything that Apple said today, in no particular order.

Apple Vision Pro Headset price, specs

Apple Vision Pro Headset

Vision Pro, Apple’s rumored mixed-reality gadget, is now a real thing. You can run apps and other tools with your eyes, head, and words. Users see through the headset as if they were wearing glasses, but apps and content appear in your surroundings like augmented reality. During the keynote, Apple showed a demo of how a user can view and make 3D material.
The headset has a digital crown like the Apple Watch, but it is attached to a power pack that will last for about 2 hours. Through an EyeSight tool, Vision Pro will also show you what your eyes look like when you wear the headset. The headset also has a 3D camera that lets you take pictures while you’re wearing it. It combines VR and AR.
It runs on Apple’s M2 chipset, which is paired with a brand-new chip called R1 that is made for “real-time sensor processing.” The new operating system from Apple, called visionOS, runs on these chipsets. It will start at $3,499 and go on sale early next year in the US. Later in the year, it will be sold in other countries.

15-inch MacBook Air

15-inch MacBook Air

The 15-inch MacBook Air has been released by Apple. It’s 11.5mm thick, 1.3kg heavy, and runs on Apple’s own M2 CPU. The laptop has two USB-C ports, a headphone jack, and Apple’s MagSafe charging dock. The battery on the laptop lasts for 18 hours. It has an 8-core CPU and a 10-core GPU. There will be four colors of the new MacBook Air, including Midnight and Starlight. The starting price for a 15-inch MacBook Air is Rs 134,900. Customers can order it today, and it will be ready for them to pick up next week.

Apple New Mac Pro

New Mac pro

The powerful Mac Pro is the latest pro-level Mac from Apple. It is powered by the M2 Ultra 24-core CPU and can handle up to a 76-core GPU, eight Thunderbolt 4 ports, and up to six of Apple’s high-end Pro Display XDR. The Mac Pro has a frame made of stainless steel that can be changed and sections that can be moved around the frame. It’s a high-end desktop computer made for artists, designers, and other creative workers.
The price for the new Mac Pro model will start at Rs 729900. Apple has also said that the Mac Studio has been updated. It can be set up with either the M2 Max or the M2 Ultra chip from Apple. The price begins at Rs 209,900.

Apple iOS 17

iOS 17

iOS, the next big piece of software for the iPhone, has a new version with lots of new features. A brand-new tool called “NameDrop” lets two iPhones or Apple Watches connect to each other and share contacts, music, the internet, or other things. FaceTime, Apple’s tool for video and audio chatting, is getting a voicemail feature that will let users leave video messages for their friends. Messages will be updated with a better search function and a “catch-up” feature for group chats that will let you set up automatic alerts to let friends and family know you have arrived safely at your destination.
Apple also showed off a new feature called “Standby,” which will appear when an iPhone is placed on its side in a stand. If you turn your iPhone sideways, the whole lockscreen interface changes. If you use a MagSafe stand, this will work better.

Apple iPadOS 17

iPadOS 17

The new update to the tablet software adds the same features as iOS 17, such as brand-new Messages features, the ability to use AirDrop, and better autocorrect for typing. But this year, you can change the lock screen to make it your own. The Health app will also be included with iPadOS 17. And finally, like iOS, the iPad will be able to show Live Activities. iPadOS 17 also pays attention to the Notes app and PDF notes.

macOS Sonoma

macOS Sonoma

The latest version of Apple’s Mac operating system, macOS Sonoma, has a number of new features, such as desktop tools and aerial screensavers like those on Apple TV, as well as improvements to apps like Messages and Safari. In terms of gaming, there is a new Game mode that puts CPU and GPU speed at the top of the list.
The new game features use Apple’s Metal 3 framework and its more powerful graphics processing units. There are also more ways to use FaceTime for video chatting. The macOS screen will soon have widgets. Safari, on the other hand, is getting some changes behind the scenes and a better Private Browsing feature.

Apple tvOS 17

tvOS 17

Apple said that tvOS 17 would be updated. FaceTime is coming to the Apple TV, which is a big deal. With the new FaceTime app, you can use the camera on your iPhone or iPad to make video calls on your TV. Apple also said that soon, if you have the new Siri remote, you’ll be able to use Find My to find your lost Apple TV remote.

Apple WatchOS 10

Watch OS 10

Apple is adding new buttons and redesigning some of the apps on the Apple Watch. The goal is to get more information across quickly. All you have to do is turn the digital crown. And it will show you your stack of widgets and let you scroll through them quickly and easily. The Apple Watch is also getting two new watch faces.

One is based on a color palette, and the other is based on Snoopy and Woodstock from Peanuts. There will also be more metrics and workout views for cycling, such as the ability to show extra stats when linking to other Bluetooth-enabled bike sensors. WatchOS 10 will also pay attention to health. Apple is adding new mood-logging tools to the Mindfulness app, which you can use on both the phone and the watch.

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