Janmashtami 2023 Date: This year, there is a lot of confusion about the date of Janmashtami. Some are saying it’s on September 6th, while others are saying it’s on September 7th. Let’s clarify what the actual date of Janmashtami is.

Janmashtami 2023 Date and Time

This time, the Bhadrapad Krishna Ashtami date starts on September 6th at 03:38 PM and ends on September 7th at 04:14 PM. During this period, the Rohini Nakshatra will be present throughout the night. According to astrologers, householders will celebrate Janmashtami on September 6th, while followers of the Vaishnav tradition will celebrate it on September 7th.

Auspicious Timing for Janmashtami 2023

Astrologers suggest that householders will celebrate Janmashtami on September 6th this year. The best time for Janmashtami puja is from 11:56 PM on September 6th to 12:42 AM on September 7th.

How To Celebrate Janmashtami?

On Janmashtami morning, take a bath and make a vow for fasting and puja. Throughout the day, consume only water or fruits and maintain a pure and sattvic lifestyle. In the middle of the night, place a deity’s image or idol of Lord Krishna made of metalbaseball jerseys custom nike air jordan nfl jersey best adidas running shoes cheap nfl jersey best sex toys for men customized shirts near me nfl san francisco 49ers custom nfl jersey custom jersey maker hockey custom jersey baseball male sex toys cheap nike air max shoes custom team jerseys nike air max for sale or any other suitable material in a clean container. First, bathe it with milk, then with yogurt, followed by honey and sugar, and finally with ghee. This is called “Panchamrit Snan.” Afterward, give Krishna a water bath.

Ensure that the offerings are placed in a conch shell before being presented. Those performing the puja should not wear black or white clothes on this day. Chant mantras according to your desires. Share the prasad (blessed food) with others.

Mantras and Devotional Hymns for Janmashtami 2023

The name of Lord Krishna is a powerful mantra in itself. You can also chant the mantra “Hare Krishna.” For love and joy in life, recite the “Madhurashtak.” To attain Krishna as your guru, read the “Bhagavad Gita.” For fulfilling all your desires, you can recite the “Gopal Sahasranam.”

Janmashtami is a time to celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna and seek his blessings. It’s a day of devotion, fasting, and joyous celebrations.

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