Free Netflix Accounts and Passwords 2022 (100% Working). Netflix is currently growing very rapidly and has reached many people. On a daily basis, thousands of people are taking paid subscriptions and having fun watching amazing shows on Netflix. When it comes to content creation and content distribution, no one can beat Netflix. It is an American-based production company that offers a subscription-based video-on-demand streaming service.

With its effective subscription charges & stunning features, it has gathered approx 220.67 million users from all over the world and continuously growing. And it has also become one of the top streaming companies in the world. Well, Netflix requires a monthly or yearly subscription plan if you want to stream its content. For those who can’t afford its subscription plan, we are going to provide free Netflix accounts & passwords. Below, we have added fresh unused accounts (Email & Password) that are working in August 2022.

What are the Netflix Premium Plans and Prices?

Netflix has four subscription plans:

  • Mobile plan
  • Basic
  • Standard, and
  • Premium.
PlanPriceNo. of devices at a timePicture quality
Mobile plan₹1491SD
Basic plan₹1991SD
Standard plan₹4992HD
Premium plan₹6494UHD(4K)

What things are missing in Netflix Account Free?

  • There are a limited number of devices that you can use with your free account. You’ll be able to watch on two devices at the same time, but you won’t have access to all of the same features as you would with a paid account.
  • You may see ads while using your free account. This is because Netflix needs to make money somehow and they do this by showing ads. However, you can avoid seeing these ads by upgrading to a paid account.
  • Free accounts have a lower quality streaming option than paid accounts. This means that you may experience buffering or other issues while trying to watch your favorite shows.
  • Your account will be automatically upgraded to a paid subscription after a certain period of time. You’ll need to cancel if you don’t want to be charged.

Free Netflix Accounts & Passwords Updated August 2022

UsernamePasswordPlan Validity
cicerodebastiani@yahoo.com59354927 August 2022
cihanozguner1982@gmail.comcoi0919z25 August 2022
citoevents@gmail.com032528 August 2022
kenmc71@hotmail.comPhaser7124 August 2022 August 2022
sineadk21@hotmail.comVendredi014929 August 2022
s.donnelly136@gmail.comBallyvoile125 August 2022
P.lehane100@gmail.comEugene9927 August 2022
kataria.saurav@gmail.comFather!2324 August 2022
karthik19587@gmail.comkata1958726 August 2022

Some other that are still working

mayank.dhar06@gmail.commd_06199030 Days
breal0207@gmail.comTamika1030 Days Days Days Days Days Days
christophercosep@yahoo.comsupremo8930 Days
abhisheksingh@gmail.comaahan12330 Days


Netflix, everyone’s favorite streaming platform, has come a long way in the past few years. It has solidified its spot as the go-to streaming service and is now competing with some of the biggest names in television.

And that’s why as content viewers, it is our duty to actually help them by subscribing to content creation platforms. Netflix spends billions of dollars every year to provide high-quality content to its viewers. So your every penny means a lot to the company. Any money you use to subscribe to Netflix is ​​ultimately used to improve the content. So try to get a real Netflix subscription or use legal tricks (like sharing an account with your friends) to enjoy Netflix content.

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